Wowowowowowe that is a butt if ive ever seen one wow-e oh boy howdy that is makin me feel sorts of ways i'll tell ya *smooch*

Wowowo atta cowboy

These shorts make a booty on point

Look how ugly Dylan dog is

More like cute af

Hahah deng thanks qt

The minute my eyes shift, so you do yours and just as fast as that shift happened you clocked out and your shift was over.

All those boys who I broke
And who’ve broke me
Are just little cracks

Perfection is stupid anyway
I have a bad memory and I’m starting to think that’s a good thing

I really appreciate when people remember me and my name, but i feel so shitty because i can never remember anyone ever.

* i wrote yu a poem i hope you enjoy!*. i wanna take you to a show, buy you candy, buy you beer, hold your hand, i know im weird, im just trying to impress you so maybe i could undress you while were cudding in bed ill kiss you on the head, say everything is perfect, your butts alittle red, from the couple little spankings you let me give you in bed, your a cutie with a booty i know thats been said youve got a bigger wedgie than a nerd with his boxers on his head. *<3 keep doing your thing girl

hahgahahahhahhahaha ohmylanta. This is the best message I’ve ever gotten. Though the structure was kind of fucked, the words were perfect and heartfelt. Thank you thank you thank. ☺️😘💖💝

love your bum! it doesnt really give you a wedgey everyday does it? i guess that could be the curse of a perfect butt:) i wanna meet you someday! (please reply and give me courage to come off anon!)

Hahaha just depends on the pantys not the boooty. Thank you for the compliment darling and come off anon if you please.

There are those situations when you want to blame everyone and everything but you just need to take responsibility, and it kinda sucks.